We juggle many projects here at River Forest Farms, here's a small glimpse inside the birth of our farm.

River Tubing Coming Soon!!!

Pig Pen

We enjoy our muddy pig friends, as they like to stretch their legs after a long rain.

GOAT for Life

Our family of goats provide good company as we build roads and clear brush. And their kids are growing up so fast!

Doing THE Egyptian

Slowly moving in a shipping container to be turned into a work space!!

So Furry

Our rabbits are healthy, happy and provide great poop for our plants!! Ahh Whats up Doc??


People love our farm! Check out what they have written about us!

River Forest Farm is a gem just outside Austin. It is impossible to have a bad time there. Every time I've gone there, I've left with a smile.

Ken Cenna

Coder from Austin

Feel good and have fun while using Bitcoin Cash to feed baby goats, mini horses, pigs, and chickens!

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Roger Ver

Bitcoin Investor


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The best of the best.  A community of strong intelligent people that are bringing together technology and farm to Austin Texas.

Albert Deloach

Farm Director

Land Tender, Big Dreamer, Good Friend, Visual Effects Specialist, Interior and Exterior Designer

Baby G.O.A.T.

Fun Director

Keeping the good times rolling, the weeds back, and making everyone happy.

Brandon Green

Grounds Keeper

No job is too hard for him, no weather is too bad for him, and he's got his tools ready to rock!

Baruzula Zendik

Operations Manager

Creates order out of chaos. Streamlines the dream. Connect with her if you want to connect with the farm!

Here's A Gmap To Get You Here!

2000 Caldwell Ln. Garfield, 78617

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Phone: 512-619-0961

Please come by and bring the family as you will enjoy our meadows, river, and growing farm!

Yaupon Tea : Caffeine native to the U.S.

Austin Produced, Austin Sold

Yaupon Tea

Fallen Oak Mycology

Austin's Culinary And Medicinal Mushrooms

Gormet Mushrooms